Spay/NeuterPosters  (animal Control)
Fun Posters Encouraging Neutering
of Our Beloved Dog & Cat Companions for their Health and Safety

           Posters are Reasonably Priced when personalized for Spay/Neuter Clinics, Humane Societies & Veterinarians with their Contact & Website info placed at the bottom of each poster they order replacing the Beingkind  logo signage.

           Posters are available to individual Pet Owners and   Not-For-Profit Animal Rescue Charities For a Small Donation to the not-for-profit animal rescue / refuge charity Beingkind

        These Posters are powerful new tools explaining the necessity to neuter our friends and to persuade us "Macho" pet owners that our neutered "Buddies" will continue to be high-spirited and playful.

         These Outrageously Creative Hand-Outs and Framable Campaign Signs are all Original Art penned by Beingkind's Co-Founder, Bob Blake.

         VETERINARIANS & CLINICS: Spay/Neuter Services can get any or all of the Posters Personalized with their Corporate signage replacing the Beingkind Logo for a Graduated FEE (see the Order Page).
          Order one or All of these Full Color, and
Black & White Children's Colorable pages in high resolution jpeg files with your Spay/Neuter Clinic signage that you can print out endlessly.
         Order on the "Order Page" or at: and tell us your Name, Contact Info, Website and/or attach your logo to replace the Beingkind Logo at the bottom of the posters.

       INDIVIDUALS & NON-PROFITS: Private People can get any or all of the Posters with the Beingkind Logo signage for A Small Donation (see the Order Page).

         100% of the Proceeds from the Sale of these posters goes to the work of Beingkind, Incorporated

Beingkind's Mission is the on-going rescuing, rehabilitating, care-taking, feeding, vetting, adopting and sheltering-for-life unwanted and abandoned Cats and Dogs.

         Beingkind is a 501(C)(3) Federally Tax-Exempt, Not-for-Profit, No-Kill Animal Refuge Charity
founded in 1987 which has Rescued and Placed in Loving Adoptive Homes over 8,000 Cats and Dogs. Beingkind operates a country retirement home for the aged cats and dogs it continues to rescue. See last page of this website: "About Beingkind."  Contributions are Tax-Deductible.

See All Nine Poster Types + Pup-PunsT-Shirts:
1. Spay/Neuter Cat Coloring Book Pages p.1
2. Turned Tables Coloring Book Pages    p.1
3. Spay/Neuter DogColoring Book Pages p.2
4. Pup-Puns Coloring Book Pages            p.2
5. Spay/Neuter CatCartoon Posters         p.3
6. Spay/Neuter DogCartoon Posters        p.4
7. Spay/Neuter CatPhoto Posters            p.5
8. Spay/Neuter DogPhoto Posters            p.6
9. NeverMissBalls Spay/Neuter DogPostersp.7
Coloring Book Cover &
Colorable Spay/Neuter Cartoon Cat Pages
(8-1/2"x11") 5 Cat Pages
Coloring Books bring out the Creativity in our Young while teaching them.

Keep Your Children Happy with a Box of Crayons and this Fun Coloring Book with these 5 Cat - Spay/Neuter Cartoons on this page.
            The 5 Dog - Spay/Neuter & 12 Pup-Pun Coloring Book Pages are on the Next Web Page.

Colorable "Turned Tables" Cartoon Pages (8-1/2"x11") 12 Pages
What if the Animals Had Dominion Over the Human Beings?

     Imagine a World in which the Roles of Humans and Animals are all Totally Reversed-
Where "We The People" are the Pets, the Experimental Creatures and the Food for the Animals.
See the World through Their Eyes when the "Tables Are Turned."
      (These images may not be suitable for younger children.)

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